In paints and coatings, calcium carbonate has established itself as the main extender.

Fineness and particle-size distribution affect the opacity of coatings. Moreover, calcium carbonate offers interesting properties with regards to high brightness, low oil absorption, dispersability, weather resistance, low abrasiveness, low electrolyte content, pH stabilizing effect, and improved anti-corrosion and rheological properties.

To meet the challenging demands of its customers, Omya offers technical advice and a wide selection of both mineral and chemical raw materials. Together, we discuss the desired property profile and look for a suitable product, always with the objective of finding the best possible solution.

By working with Omya, the customer will enter into a partnership with us and benefit from over 60 years of experience servicing the global paint and coatings industry.

Omya’s technical support staff and technical facilities will help you find the optimal solution to suit your needs.

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