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The number of products related to our health is constantly growing, from the most traditional applications to the latest innovation launched on the market. But even with this great diversity, the objective for all these products is the same: to use natural, safe ingredients.

When a source of calcium is needed, calcium carbonate is recognized as unbeatable. It contains close to 40% calcium, has an alkaline pH and is easy to integrate in all formulas.

These chemical properties, together with the wide range of particle sizes, particle size distributions and even different crystal structures, also make calcium carbonate an interesting choice as a filler and support for different mixtures.

But serving as a source of calcium and a filler are not the only applications for calcium carbonate in this field. Our product is also used as a white colorant (i.e.: European Food Additive E170) and as a technical coadjuvant in rice peeling and other applications.

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